Club Rules

Membership requirements:

SHUFFLE 512 operates as a private social club and usage of the club is restricted to individuals who hold an active membership in good standing with the club. We offer daily ($10), monthly ($30), or annual ($200) memberships. Periodically SHUFFLE 512's management may meet to discuss membership eligibility. SHUFFLE 512's management reserves the right to revoke membership for violations of club rules, breaches of etiquette, negative review of criminal background checks, or other reasons.

Firearms and other weapons:

No firearms or other weapons are allowed in SHUFFLE 512. We post compliance signs regarding Texas Penal Code 30.06 and 30.07 which prohibit carrying of concealed and/or open carry firearms.

Food, beverage & alcohol:

SHUFFLE 512 does not have a kitchen or liquor license and therefore do not serve food, drinks, or alcohol. We do offer complimentary water and coffee to members. We also have vending machines that carry a variety of snacks and beverages. Members may bring in food or have food delivered.

Members may BYOB. SHUFFLE 512 reserves the right to remove intoxicated members for safety, etiquette, and pleasure of other club members and staff.


Membership fees (see above) must be current at all times for members to use club facilities. Cash Games utilize a prepaid card system through Poker Atlas whereby members pre-purchase time which is then deducted from their account while seated in a cash game. Our system is state of the art and accurate to the minute! This system is by far the most efficient when compared to other poker rooms in Austin. You literally pay for what you play. Our tournaments all have a flat tournament access fee associated with each event, not an hourly rate. 

Game rules:

All poker games played at SHUFFLE 512 follow Tournament Directors Association rules for both cash and tournament play except where stated below. SHUFFLE 512 management and dealers are trained and follow TDA rules at all times. Rulings on gameplay are considered final only by the discretion of the management of SHUFFLE 512 in accordance with TDA rules.

  • There is NO active betting line on the tables. 
  • No smoking or vaping at the tables or anywhere else inside the club.
  • English only at or around the tables.
  • No electronic device use (phone, tablet, etc) while a member is playing a live hand. Players not in the hand may use such devices reasonably. Talking on the phone while gameplay is live at the table is strictly prohibited.

Several additional club rules are posted in the club and attached to the Membership Agreement form. Members are asked to please review such rules closely as they are strictly followed at all times.

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